Because traditional isn’t for everyone.



Words: C. Stewart

So, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear on your big day? For a long time, men getting married have felt confined to the classics, like morning suits or tuxedos. But with everything that happened in 2020, the new rule is: anything goes. Whatever you wear, it should make you feel on top of the world. Here are some wedding outfit ideas for men, for now.



Tweed suits

Tweed has made a triumphant return to men’s wardrobes in the last few years, and nowhere more so than for weddings. But even though it’s a fabric with heritage roots, there are crucial differences between your grandad’s tweeds and the ones on offer now, like contemporary cuts, softer shoulders and modern muted shades. Nod to tradition by wearing yours as a three-piece with a vintage-inspired waistcoat or go more minimal with your styling to take the look firmly into today.




Lounge suits

No, not for lounging around at home (we’ve done enough of that recently) – a ‘lounge suit’ is the catch-all term for any suit that’s not traditional morningwear.  Go for a neat fit with soft shoulders for a modern profile that’ll form a solid base to any look you like. Pattern, colour. Mix your suit jacket with different trousers. Style it up with all the trimmings. Dress it down with a t-shirt.

And if you’re after something completely unique to you, how about a custom-made lounge suit, personalised down to the last detail for you? With our Tailor Me service, we’ll even embroider your wedding date or your partner’s initials on the inside your jacket to make it a one-of-a-kind memento.




Light suits

Traditionally, the less formal your wedding the lighter your suit could be, but with tradition out the window now you’ll probably be more led by weather than anything else.

For big (or small) days on sunny days, you’ll be comfier in something a bit more relaxed. A lighter fabric, in both colour and weight, will feel more carefree than darker black, blue or grey. What’s more, modern neutral hues make a great base for all sorts of looks, like romantic florals or a bold printed shirt.




Feel-good fabrics

If the last year has taught us anything it’s that, quite simply, what you wear has a real effect on how you feel. Even more so if the fabric quite literally feels good to the touch too. For grooms that means, yes, dress up to feel great when it matters most, but take it a step further in feel-good fabrics like flannel and Donegal tweed. Their tactile hand-feel is a pleasure to wear, and also gives a modern, matte finish that’s lightyears away from the shiny groom suits of the past.