Five trends for this year’s weddings by The Un-Wedding.



As predicted by The Un-Wedding


Words: M. Woods

It’s a well-known fact that the events of 2020 have hit the wedding industry hard with 64% of the year’s weddings being postponed according to Many UK jewellers have also reported that engagement ring sales have soared during lockdown and that’s before we’ve hit Christmas, which is notoriously known as ‘engagement season’.

So, yeah, while we all wish 2020 had never happened, I for one, am super-excited what these stats mean for weddings in 2021 and beyond. They mean that love is not cancelled. If anything, the events of 2020 have made us all love a little harder and I can’t wait to see these declarations of love come to fruition through couples’ wedding plans in 2021.

Will weddings change in a post-covid world? HELL YEAH! But change is good. Adapting your 2021 wedding plans to the ‘new normal’ doesn’t mean your wedding will be any less amazing than it would have been pre-Covid19. It’s time to start feeling excited about your wedding again!

These are my five predicted wedding trends for 2021.


Photo by Nicki Shea

Make new traditions

This is something I’ve been preaching since The Un-Wedding launched in 2015 but it has never been more prevalent than now! 2021 is the time for taking the power back and saying ‘no’ to the outdated traditions associated with weddings. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you truly are and not who you are expected to be on your wedding day. Don’t feel the need to tick boxes. If a particular tradition doesn’t mean anything to you then it has no pace at your wedding. Spend the night before together, walk down the aisle together… whatever it is, it’s up to you!


Photo by Lisa Jane Photography

Photo by Sidey Clark

Throw out gender roles

When it comes to weddings there are so many outdated gender roles that are just waiting to be turned upside down in 2021. We’re moving into an era where brides wear suits, give speeches and choosing a best woman is totally normal – and so it should be!

Now, I predict we’ll see couples push the boundaries more than ever before. Why should wedding planning always been seen as the bride’s domain? What about the guys who want to get involved with the details outside of the stag do arrangements? I think we’ll see guys not only playing a more active role in the wedding planning but also indulging in the traditions that have previously been limited to brides. Think grooms with engagement rings, flowers for the guys or even grooms having an outfit change! Why the hell not, eh?!


Photo by Caroline Opacic Photography

Eco-conscious weddings

With so many wedding businesses who place an emphasis on sustainability these days, there really is no excuse for couples not to be more mindful about the environment when planning their wedding in 2021.

Every aspect of wedding planning will have an eco-friendly option. From having old family jewellery remodelled to make contemporary wedding rings, to having giant wooden tipis and reclaimed hire furniture. Anything that can be repurposed and used again is not only better for the world but it makes it way more special too.



Alternative grooms’ outfits

Fact: grooms don’t have to wear suits… Unless they want to. If you don’t like wearing a suit then your wedding day is not the day to wear one. You have options. Cropped trousers look really stylish with loafers or even sneakers, whatever floats your boat! Waistcoats under a casual jacket make a great alternative to the full shirt and tie combo. I think 2021 will be a year where we see grooms stepping out a bit more instead of blending into the background. After all, it’s their big day too!


Photo by Caroline Opacic Photography

Big statements

Micro-weddings are going to be the way forward in 2021 but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still make big statements with your styling, in fact, it’s even more reason to. Couples will no doubt save money having smaller weddings so I think we will see people splashing out in areas that they may not have been able to previously, in order to make one big statement. Whether it be an over the top ceremonial backdrop, a one-off custom-made suit or that Red MG Convertible you were eyeing up, 2021 is the year to do it!


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