Five trends for this year’s weddings by Rock My Wedding.




Getting married in 2019? Here’s a look at what’ll be big for weddings over the coming year.


Relaxed dining and grazing-style food are set to be huge. It’s not only visually appealing and totally delicious but allows guests to eat exactly what they want. It also sets a laid-back tone, encouraging conversation as people dive in and fill their plates. Whether you do this for your main meal or as evening food during the party, it’ll be a big hit with guests. Who doesn’t love fancy cheese and biscuits?!


Hoops have been used at lots of stylish weddings this year, and we think they are set to be massive for 2019. The circular shape is perfect for weddings, representing a symbol of infinity. Held by bridesmaids instead of bouquets, hanging from the ceiling of your venue, used to display photographs or your table plan – the decor possibilities are endless.


Having a second dress for the evening reception is becoming the norm for brides, and we think 2019 will see the rise in an outfit change for grooms too. Why let the girls have all the fun? If a more colourful or statement look works for the evening, then go for it! Think velvet to add texture, prints for something totally unique, or perhaps change your jacket to a waistcoat for a more relaxed feel. Moss Bros. has some great options for this, such as this green velvet dress jacket and this blue gold leaf jacket.


Floral installations are also going nowhere, perhaps inspired by the incredible royal weddings we were treated to in 2018. Sadly, we don’t all have the same floral budget as Harry and Meghan, but a statement floral installation can be high-impact without the huge cost. In 2019, we’ll see the use of dried flowers and grasses – as well as slightly more grand trees – to create a look that’s opulent but feels natural and truly brings the outside in.


More conscious weddings are also set to be huge for 2019. Opting for local suppliers who use local produce, serving veggie or vegan food, choosing to DIY or source vintage decorations – there are lots of ways to celebrate consciously. Basically, anything that helps make your wedding less wasteful is a good thing, which is why investing in a great suit that will be worn again (or hiring instead of buying) are both good options.

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