Can I place my hire order online?

Single or group orders can be placed using this website. Please refer to our How to Hire and Group Hire pages to start your Hire.

How long can I hire for?

Our standard hire period is 3 days, with the collection date and the return date falling either side of your function. There are costs incurred for extended hire. If you are ordering online, Sundays do not count as part of the standard 3 day hire. E.g. If your delivery is on Friday, your event on Saturday - you will not be expected to return your Hire until Monday.

What are the prices of extended hire?

Collect early, up to a week before wedding: £15.
1-4 days standard hire fee
5-7 days £10 extra per day
8-14 days 1.5x hire fee
15-21 days 2x hire free
Every subsequent week an additional hire fee.

How far in advance should I book?

If we have the stock available and you order by 3pm for next day delivery, we are able to deliver your Hire to you the day after you order online (some exclusions apply depending on postcode). Your delivery date CANNOT be the same as your Function date and you MUST provide your sizes online at point of order.

If you order in-store, we require the booking to be made at least 60 days in advance for Morning-wear. Dress-wear can be collected the same day if stock is available (pre-booking is still advised).

What is the initial payment?

You can choose to pay a £10 deposit or 50% deposit if your event is further than 28 days away, or opt to pay in full. If your event is less than 28 days away, you will be required to pay in full at point of order.

If you opt to pay a £10 deposit or 50% deposit, the balance will be collected automatically 28 days in advance of your event date.

Your Hire will only be despatched when full payment has been received.

Can I return my suit to a different store to the one I collected from?

Yes, you can opt to do this when selecting your delivery and return options. There is no extra charge if pre-arranged.

Can I book in one store and collect from another?

Yes, simply leave a deposit when you book in-store and pay the balance on collection.

Do you alter any of the garments?

No. We recommend you try our Tailor Me service if you'd like a personalised garment.

Do I have to leave a security deposit?

If you hire online you must accept the Terms & Conditions of the Hire Agreement. if your hire order is returned late, or damaged (as per clause 6 of the hire agreement) we reserve the right to take additional monies up to the value of £100 for Evening-wear, £200 for Morning-wear and £400 for Highland-wear. If you order in-store, you will have to leave a £200 deposit (£400 for Highland-wear).

Can different members of the wedding party go to different stores for fittings and collection?

Yes, this can be managed online within the Group Order. Group members going to a different store to the organiser will need to know the party organiser’s booking store & names and wear date – eg. The Jones Party at the Reading Branch.

What age does the junior wear start from?

Between 3 or 4 years of age, depending on the size of the child.

What are the biggest sizes available?


  • Classic Morning Coat - 60R
  • Harrow Jacket - 58R
  • Lingfield Morning Coat - 60R
  • Carisbrooke Morning Coat - 54R
  • Arundel - 60R
  • Royal Ascot Morning Coat - 50R
  • Regent Jacket - 60R
  • Caribbean Jacket - 54R
  • Hilton Jacket - 60R
  • Cambridge Jacket - 60R
  • Ted Baker Dinner Jacket - 48L
  • Sandown Jacket - 56R
  • Ted Baker Lounge jacket - 48L


  • Classic Trousers - 5632
  • Black Morning Trousers - 5432
  • Lingfield/ Sandown Trousers - 5432
  • Royal Ascot Trousers - 4431
  • Carisbrooke Trousers - 5432
  • Barathea Trousers - 5431
  • Dress Trousers - 5831
  • Ted Baker Lounge trs - 4233
  • Ted Baker Dinner Jackets Matching Trousers – 4233

What are the smallest junior sizes?

Morning Wear Jackets 20S
Junior Prince Charlie jacket 22R
Trousers 18/12
Junior Kilt 20/12
Waistcoats and Vests 20
Shirts (normal and wing collar) 10.5

What is the size range for your top hats?

Adult Grey - 6.5 to 8
Junior Grey - 6.5 to 6 3/4
Adult Black - 6 5/8 to 7 3/4

Do you hire out dinner suits for young children and teenagers?

We do not hire out suits for young children, however depending on how tall or broad your teenager is, it may still be possible to hire from us. The smallest jacket we offer is the "Hilton" in a 28S and dress trousers are available from size 24/29.

How do I book for Royal Ascot?

Special Hire durations and prices apply during Royal Ascot week because of exceptional demand. You can hire a suit for Royal Ascot online or in store. Please refer to our How to Hire Royal Ascot pages for further information.

Do you hire out suits for interviews or funerals?

Yes, we have a range of lounge suit options. The "Sandown" and “Moss1851” (grey), the "Harrow" (black) and the Ted Baker Lounge Lizard (blue). Junior options are also available.

Can I get samples of fabric?

Please email customerservices@moss.co.uk to make your request, which will be forwarded to our hire team at head office. Please note that we do not hold samples of every range.