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Aylesbury Buff morning waistcoat

Aylesbury Buff morning waistcoat

Product Code: 7597

This Aylesbury Buff waistcoat is an alternative to the traditional Dove Grey morning waistcoat. Worn with any of our black morning suits this look is perfect for guests at a traditional daytime wedding. Pair with a simple tie and blend in seamlessly. This backed waistcoat has an adjustable strap to engineer the perfect fit around the waist (backless waistcoats also available in larger sizes).
£30.00 GBP


  • Single Breasted
  • 6 Button Fastening
  • Contrast Lining
  • Jet Pockets
  • Plain Fabric
  • Backless in size 48 and above
  • Rear Cinch Belt (not on backless)

Fit & Style

  • Brand: Moss Bros
  • Regular Fit
  • 100% Wool
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4/ 5 stars
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" "
- Monday 15th August 2016
  • 4/5 Stars
2/ 5 stars
Stylist Pick
" "Again different size to one in fitting, I was between a S and M and was advised that the S in fitting looked better, the S that arrived was a lot smaller than the one in fitting and the buttons around my chest didn't fasten. I had to call up and urgently get a M." "
- Tuesday 5th April 2016
  • 2/5 Stars