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Duck Egg Brocade Morning Waistcoat

Duck Egg Brocade Morning Waistcoat

Product Code: 7765

The Duck Egg Brocade Morning waistcoat is new for this Spring and is a modern interpretation of a classic pattern. The soft blue background is overlayed with a golden-cream brocade detail and different hues can be accented depending on the accessories chosen; a truly versatile choice.
£20.00 GBP


  • 6 Button Fastening
  • Contrast Lining
  • Jet Pockets
  • Embroidery Design
  • Backless in size 48 and above
  • Rear Cinch Belt (not on backless)

Fit & Style

  • Brand: Moss Bros
  • Regular Fit
  • Morning Wear
Customer Reviews
2/ 5 stars
Stylist Pick
" For was not the same as the waistcoat used for fitting meaning mine needed to be changed. "
- Wednesday 6th April 2016
  • 2/5 Stars
4/ 5 stars
Stylist Pick
" "
- Tuesday 5th April 2016
  • 4/5 Stars