Royal Ascot How To Hire

Plan ahead for Royal Ascot 2017 - please find information on hiring your outfit below. The last online order date for Royal Ascot 2016 is FRIDAY 16 JUNE by 2pm. After this time we cannot guarantee stock availability and would strongly advise you visit one of our stores to arrange your Hire.

Look no further than Moss Hire to get you suited for Royal Ascot week. You are able to complete your hire purchase online, as well as in-store. We have explained how to hire online for Royal Ascot in the below paragraphs.

Because of exceptional demand in Royal Ascot week (20-24 June 2016), special hire periods and prices apply. We have explained this process below. We hope that this is easily understood, but if you’d like any help please speak to Customer Services on 0333 3206677 or alternatively we have an extensive store network within the UK who are happy to help.


We have five tiers of Royal Ascot package in each morning suit collection (Classic, Lingfield, Newbury, Royal Ascot, Ted Baker Grey).

2 piece = (tails and trousers)

3 piece = (tails, trousers & waistcoat)

3 piece + top hat = (tails, trousers, waistcoat + top hat)

Package = (tails, trousers, waistcoat, shirt, tie, hank)

Package + top hat = (tails, trousers, waistcoat, shirt, tie, hank + top hat)

We do not hire out individual top hats in Royal Ascot week and you can only hire out one top hat per package.

Please select the correct package according to your needs. See our Etiquette page if you need reminding of what to wear.

Prices start at £57 for a one-day hire of a 2 piece suit, all the way up to £440 for a full package and top hat for the full five days of Royal Ascot. Please see our Royal Ascot Pricing Page.

Duration Of Hire

Because of exceptional demand during Royal Ascot week we have pre-defined hire durations for this period.

The packages start with a one-day hire, allowing a day for delivery and a day for return either side of your function date. Using a one-day hire as an example, if you are attending Royal Ascot on Wednesday 20th June, your delivery/collection would fall on Tuesday 19th June, your function date on Wednesday 20th June, and you would be expected to return your hire outfit on Thursday 16th June before 12 noon.

After you have selected your package you will be asked to enter a ‘function’ date. As an example, with a standard one-day hire, delivery/collection falls one day before your function date and the return of your hire one day later. If you need a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day hire, select your function date as the first day after you want to receive/collect your hire outfit.

Late return fees apply as per the terms of hire.

If you would like to arrange an early collection or late return (beyond a day either side of your event) please speak to Customer Services or your local store to arrange.


If you require a top hat you must be able to collect and return your order from one of our stores. For all other hires we offer next day (or nominated) delivery.