Moss London Bright Blue Trousers

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"Put your sartorial savvy on display by selecting these contemporary suit trousers. No matter what the occasion, these stunning bright blue formal trousers by Moss London will see you cut a fine figure. Their vibrant, modern tone is backed by a skinny fit cut that's expertly tailored to make the most of your physique. Crafted from a wool blend fabric, they're also easy to wear and exceptionally comfortable. Heading for a formal dinner, graduation ceremony or a wedding? Pull your look together by opting for a plain white shirt and an adventurous tie choice that'll really show off your personality. "


This is a limited edition product. To guarantee availability, you will need to enter your sizes and the sizes of anyone else you’re hiring for in order to place your order.

Product Code: 7847


  • 44% Polyester 45% Wool