Moss Hire - Damaged Items

The items within your Hire order are your responsibility until they are returned to us. Failure to take the appropriate care of the items will result in additional charges to you.

If you have damaged an item beyond repair that was included within your hire order you will be charged the current selling price for that item. Prices can be found on our retail website, where items are not featured upon our website please refer to our Hire Garment price list.

If you have opted to purchase Peace of Mind* upon your order then any damage or spillage deemed repairable by a tailor/cleaner will be covered. However if you did not opt to purchase Peace of Mind* you will be charged a fee of £20 to restore the garment.

Please be advised that any intentional damage, bodily fluid or excessive stains upon an item will lead to the garment being considered as beyond repair and you will be required to pay for the item at its current selling price.

View our full Terms & Conditions for more details. *only applicable to items are not covered by Peace of Mind