Moss Hire - Security Deposit

Before you receive your hire a security deposit is required against each individual hire order.

A security deposit is whereby you provide us with your card details. These details are you authorising that payment of up to £450 can be taken if upon return we discover items to be lost, damaged or there is a failure to return. We are unable to release any order without card details as a security deposit.

To take a security deposit we capture your card details as part of the collection process but no money is taken at this time. Our tills simply create a transaction for £1.01 that is refunded straight back to you as it captures the card details and authorise the deposit. Please be advised that we are unable to take security deposits via contactless, American Express, Solo or Maestro.

Upon return if items are lost, failure to return or are damaged, we reserve the right to take payment up to the value of the lost or damaged item(s). Failure to return your hire within 7 calendar days of the agreed return date will result in funds automatically being taken from your security deposit to the value of the items hired. These costs can be found here.

If you require any further information please see our terms and conditions, or ask in store for further information.