Ascot Hire Terms & Conditions

1. General Points

Your experience is important to us,?and we want your event to be special,?therefore if you require any further guidance on any matter, please ask?a team member or contact us directly. For now, here are some general points in relation to your hire.??

Please note: where we mention a Fee List (or other fees), delivery terms or returns policy, these can be found on our website at and should be read in conjunction with these T&Cs.

- Hired outfits are made up of different garments, that you must return at the end of the contract.

- Hire garments cannot be altered in any way. Please note charges will apply if any garments are altered by you.

- Sometimes your final outfit may require extra attention, our team members are able to help if any issues are identified early enough as detailed below. We will always endeavour to help you but at times the team may be limited due to warehouse despatch times.

- When selecting a hire outfit, we recommend discussing the fit of the outfit, as not all outfits are suitable for some body shapes.

- Ensuring we keep you up to date regarding your order is as important to us as it is to you, so please ensure your contact details, including your phone number and email address, are correct.

- We may update these T&Cs from time to time, but no other terms will be included in the contract unless we mention them here.

- You may receive other documents from us during the order process, such as order forms, confirmations and till receipts. Anything contained in these T&Cs will take priority, then an order form, then a till receipt.

- These T&Cs only apply to Royal Ascot packages or hires.

- Royal Ascot packages are available the calendar day before your scheduled wear date and are due for return the following day.

- Royal Ascot Hires refers to hires created specifically to wear in attendance to the horse racing event Royal Ascot.

- You confirm you are 18 or over and resident in the United Kingdom. If you are under 18, we will need the consent of your parent or guardian before hiring goods to you.

- Orders can be made in a Moss Bros store or online.

- We will create a separate order for each hired outfit, but we may confirm linked orders on one order confirmation to the lead person.

- All references to “you” in these T&Cs refer to this lead person.

- Once we have confirmed your order in writing, there is a binding contract between you and us and no other party has any right to enforce any contractual conditions.

- You must make sure that you, and all members of your group have read and agreed to these T&Cs and consent to our use of data in accordance with our privacy policy.

- You accept full financial responsibility for all of the individual orders.

- Each individual order will end when all hired garments in the contract have been returned to us. When it ends, this will not affect our right to receive any money which you owe to us.

- If we ever mention the “Grand Total”, this means the total amount payable for the whole order (that is, all of the individual orders together) including VAT where applicable.

2. Measurement and Sizing

We want to do our best for your event, and we require your help ensuring you and your group members (if applicable) follow the key sizing guidelines below:

- To help us plan to fulfil your order we require that you and your group members (if applicable) are measured for each individual order as soon as reasonably practical and no less than 60 days prior to your collection or delivery date (unless part of the junior range). Where the collection or delivery date falls within 60 days of order placement, measurements are required upon order creation.

- Kids grow up fast and we know this can be difficult when measuring, therefore we recommend booking an appointment for measurements closer to the time of your collection or delivery date. We require junior range hires to be measured no later than 30 days prior to the date of your collection or delivery date.

- For any order not sized by 60 days (30 days for kids) prior to the collection date (including orders placed less that 60 days prior to collection date), Moss cannot guarantee supply of outfits to exact sizes or ranges.

- Failure to provide sizes 14 days before your collection or delivery date will result in your order being automatically cancelled and treated as a cancellation by you.

3. Receiving Your Outfit

It’s almost time for your function so we want to ensure you look and feel your best and our team are there to assist with those final touches.

- You may choose to either collect your outfit or have it delivered by one of our couriers.

- You must inform us of any issues regarding your hire at the time of collection or delivery date, we will then do our best endeavours to assist with any requirements, but we may be restricted by limitations. We are not liable for any error discovered after this.

- We are not liable if we fail to make the hire outfit available if it is because of an event beyond our control or something which is your fault.


- It is necessary that everyone tries on their order in store for a final fitting.

- Please make sure you have all your hire items before leaving the collection store, you don’t want to be missing that key item at the last minute.

- We may charge you an additional fee if the outfit needs to be delivered to the store at short notice.

Home Delivery:

- Please see our full delivery terms, subject to variation.

- It is your responsibility to make sure you are available when the outfits are due to be delivered. If you are not available, we will attempt to deliver the goods again and if you are not available on the second attempt, we will treat the contract as cancelled by you.

- If we tell you in advance, we might deliver the outfit earlier than expected.

- If you ask us to deliver the outfit to a safe place, you will be responsible for the garments from that place.

4. Payments

- For us to reserve the garments you want, you are required to pay a deposit at time of ordering, which is 50% of the Grand Total.

- The remaining balance of the order must be paid on or before the agreed collection or delivery date. This could either be payment of the full order balance or separate payments for each individual order. The order may not be collected or delivered until full payment is made.

- Payments can be made by the lead person, or any other member of your group mentioned on the order, prior to collecting or delivering each outfit.

- Where your order is made within 30 days of the collection or delivery date, it must be paid for in full immediately.

- Where a refund is made for any reason, we will refund to the original payment method.

- If payment fails or is not authorised, we will not be liable for delay or non-delivery of your order.

5. Security Deposit

- We will require a credit or debit card to process a security deposit against each individual order. It is the responsibility of the person collecting the order to provide the card used for the security deposit. This is the card that will be used to collect additional fees.

- Once processed, £1.01 may be taken, then put straight back into your account as we authorise your card details. This allows us to retrieve funds if further charges need to be applied (e.g., to cover costs if the outfit is not returned, not returned by the due date or if there is damage to the outfit).

- Any charges payable by you will be deducted from your security deposit, unless the charges are more than the security deposit, in which case you need to pay the charges at the point of return.

- We will always attempt to contact the card holder before retrieving funds. Where outstanding charges ?apply,?we will action?the payment for these charges from the card provided.??

- You may not collect or have your order delivered until you have paid the security deposit in full.

6. Peace of Mind

Accidental damage can sometimes happen to garments; therefore we want you to be reassured that you’re covered for any accidental damage.

- Peace of Mind cover is an additional purchase you can make on top of your hired outfit, which, if required, must be taken out before receiving your outfit.

-The fees for Peace of Mind cover can be found in our Fee List and will be set out in your order confirmation.

- Peace of Mind cover means that in the event of any accidental damage to the garment(s) prior to the return or pick-up date, you will not be charged for the damage (subject to the below).

-Peace of Mind cover does not cover unreturned garments, loss of items, or intentional damage. Therefore, we require that you keep hold of everything, including the suit bag and hangers, to avoid additional charges.

-Top hats, top hat boxes and kilts are also not covered by Peace of Mind cover.

-Without Peace of Mind cover, you may be charged for any damage to the outfit.

7. Damaged/Lost Items

- If Peace of Mind cover is taken out before you receive your order, any accidental damage that can be repaired by one of our tailors is covered. Where this cover is not taken out before order collection or delivery, you are liable for the full repair cost.

- Items damaged beyond repair, or lost items, will be charged to you at the current selling price which can be found on our website. Charges and when they are applied are set out in our Fee List.

8. Returning Your Outfit

If you are travelling to your event, don’t worry, you can return your order to any of our Moss stores nationwide. You will still need to keep to your agreed return date.

- Your return date (for collected outfits) or pick-up date (for delivered outfits) is stated within your order confirmation and can be found on your ticket in the front of your hire bag. You must return, or make your outfit available, by or on this date.

- Our teams will charge an additional fee per day and per individual order, after the agreed return date.

- When you return your order, we need to ensure all items making up the order have been returned. Therefore, we do require that you go through your order upon return with a team member to ensure everything is present and you have not left anything behind. If we are picking up your outfit, we will do these checks for you.

- Moss accepts no responsibility or liability for any personal items returned in error within your orders.

9. Cancellation

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. We are usually able to move the collection or delivery date of each individual order to a different date or make other changes (see below), but if you need to cancel your order, and do not want the outfit anymore, the cancellation charges are as follows:

Days before the collection or delivery date of the cancelled individual order Cancellation charge
61 or more You get a full refund of your deposit, minus £25 per individual order
60 to 31 We will keep the deposit of the cancelled individual order
30 days or less We will keep the full individual order value

10. Order Changes By You

- You can make changes to your order in store or online. Changes are not guaranteed and will only be accepted by us once we confirm them in writing.

- All changes are subject to availability.

- We will do our best to accommodate any changes made within 60 days of the agreed collection or delivery date, but cannot commit to any changes.

- Regretfully, we will not be able to process any changes received 21 days or less before the agreed collection or delivery date.

- If you change your order for any reason, we may charge you a fee.

11. Order Changes By Us

- We might need to make changes to your order or an individual order, although we will try our best to make sure this does not happen.

- Changes to items: Sometimes we might not have the garments you want to order or the sizes you have requested, in which case we might provide substitutes.

- Changes to dates: If an order is not ready for delivery or collection in time (or is ready earlier) we will let you know.

12. Additional Rights For Online Users

- If your order is made online, and at no point did you visit one of our stores, you will have a 14-day cooling-off period to cancel your order with a full refund.

- Where your order is made within 14 days of the collection or delivery date, this condition will not apply.

13. Summary

- We are Moss Bros Group Ltd. Of 8 St John's Hill, London, SW11 1SA, (company no.134995).

- All stock is hired subject to availability.

- We will not be liable or pay you compensation if our obligations are affected by events beyond our control, which means any event beyond our control or the control of our suppliers, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures were taken. Examples include fire, pandemic, epidemic, natural disasters, acts of government, industrial dispute, unavoidable technical problems with transport or the supply chain.

- Moss liability in any event is limited to the Grand Total paid and we will not be responsible for loss of profit or any indirect consequential loss. Moss does not exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, fraud or any other liability which cannot be excluded by law.

- You are solely liable for all garments whilst in your possession until they have been successfully returned to us.

- Moss will not be responsible for any loss suffered by you that could have been avoided by complying with the above conditions or any of our deadlines.

- We will try to resolve any dispute between you and us as soon as possible, but if you are unhappy with our hire services then please contact us.

- The laws of England and Wales apply to the contract and disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

- Activation A (Free Trims by Murdock Barbers of London) will only be available Fri 09 - Sun 11 June 2023 at Moss Oxford St. East.

14. Royal Ascot VIP experience competition

- You must be 18+ and live in the UK mainland to enter. One winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email only. Competition opens 00:00 09 May 2024 closes 23:59 05 June 2024.

- For prize redemption, the winner must meet the following conditions: Be over the age of 18, Live in a UK address Have a Royal Enclosure badge for Royal Ascot 2024 Hire one Moss Hire morning wear Ascot package within 09 May – 05 June 2024, to be worn 18-22 June 2024 at Royal Ascot, including:
i. Royal Ascot Regular Fit Tails
ii. Barberis Italian Tailored Fit Black Herringbone Tails
iii. Moss Tailored Fit Charcoal Tails
iv Moss Tailored Fit Grey Twill Tails
v. Moss Regular Fit Black Herringbone Tails

- Entry is via placing an order for an Ascot hire package from Moss within 09 May – 05 June 2024. All other hire, ready-to-wear or custom made transactions are excluded The Promoter may require any information that we consider reasonably necessary in order to verify your eligibility. In the event of a conflict, these Terms and Condition take precedence.

- Winner will be notified by email as soon as practical after the prize draw, drawing at random one winner who makes a qualifying purchase. The winner will be required to respond within 48 hours of the winning email confirming their acceptance of Prize. In the event the winner does not respond to notification within this period or if the prize is declined, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify that winner and draw another winner.

- The prize will be sent to the winner as soon as reasonably practical after The Promoter confirms they meet the competition conditions.

- Prize includes:
a. A chaperoned visit to the Parade Ring and trackside winning line viewing experience, for a party of four on the day of the winners dated entry to Royal Ascot 2024.
b. A £250 Ascot gift card to spend on food and refreshments at Royal Ascot 2024.

- Prize includes:
a. A chaperoned visit to the Parade Ring and trackside winning line viewing experience, for a party of four on the day of the winners dated entry to Royal Ascot 2024.
b. A £250 Ascot gift card to spend on food and refreshments at Royal Ascot 2024.

- The exclusive viewing experience must be finalised within two-weeks of the prize winner being contacted and while the Promoter will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the experience can be redeemed by the prize winner, the specific arrangements and requirements will ultimately be at the sole discretion of Royal Ascot.

- All members of the winner’s party who participate in the exclusive viewing experience must adhere to the Royal Enclosure’s dress code. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of the prize.

- Royal Ascot reserves the sole discretion to forfeit the exclusive viewing experience, should the winner be displaying behaviour which would damage the reputation of Royal Ascot and its associated partners.

- By participating in the Competition, participants agree that prize is awarded on an “as is” basis, and that neither the Promoter, nor any of its affiliated partners make any guarantees, representations, or warranties of any nature in respect of the prize.

- If circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control make it necessary to do so (or at its sole discretion), the Promoter reserves the right to substitute another prize, in its sole discretion, of a similar nature and an equivalent value.

- Those entries not in accordance with the terms and conditions will be void and will entitle the promoter to exclude the entry from the competition.

- The Prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and no cash alternative is rewarded. The promoter reserves the right to change the promotion at any time.

Promoter: Moss Bros Group Ltd, 8 St Johns Hill, London, SW11 1SA