Easy does it.



As you gear up to the biggest event in your calendar, make your suit one less thing to think about on your to-do list.

You don’t need a personal assistant to hire a suit – it’s easy to sort out in just four steps, broken down here by Matthew, our hire expert at our Chester store. Let’s shrink that list now, shall we? Over to Matthew…


“As soon as you’ve set a date or received an invitation to a big bash, you can book an appointment to try on a few suits and decide what works for you. Most people choose their suits about six months in advance. When you hire at Moss, you can change your mind and ask for something else later on, so there’s no harm in getting your booking in early.

“If you’re keen for something quite on-trend, just ask us about the new styles that are coming in. We’ll help you try on similar suits that are already in stock, so you can see what might work for you.

“You don’t have to book a suit by the end of this appointment, but most people do. The fewer people there are with you, the easier it is to make a decision, so try to just bring along one other person, like your best mate, the bride or your dad. And come armed with lots of information about the wedding party. It’s much easier to get everything organised if we have a vague idea of body sizes and proportions. Ask lots of questions at this appointment – we’re here to help.”


“It’s best to get everyone sized as soon as possible after you’ve chosen your suit. At the latest, you’ll need to size everyone 60 days before the day your collection date. You don’t all need to be together – just head to the Moss store that suits each of you best. If someone can’t get to a store, we’ll need their height and these measurements: the largest width of the chest (that’s under the arms); shoulder width; waist; arm length; inside leg; and back (from the neck down to just below their bottom).

“Because they’re hired, not made to order, it’s about getting the best fit possible, which is usually very close. You’ll either try on the suit you’re booking or one very similar. It’s a pretty fun part of the process really – it really gets everyone excited for the big day.”


“You can collect your suit from us two days before you’re going to wear it, then drop it off two days after. That’s five days that you have the suit in total. If you need to pick it up earlier, you can pay a bit more to have it a week early.

“You decide which store you pick it up from, so it’s fine if you’re getting married out of town. Just tell us in advance, preferably at your sizing appointment, so we can make sure it’s all ready for you. And if you’re worried about tying your cravat, ask us to do it for you so you can just pop it over your head on the day.”


“The question every man asks is ‘Do I need to get it dry-cleaned before I can return it?’ and the answer? No, you don’t. We’ll take care of that.

“You just need to bring everything back within two days after your function date. You can return it to any store, so even if you picked it up in Chester you can return it to Cambridge, for example. And you don’t need to tell us which one you’re taking it back to – just make sure you do it within the two days. We’ll explain all of this at your sizing appointment, but remember to ask about anything you’re unsure of. If you’re not bringing it back yourself, it’s worth nominating someone so you don’t have to worry about it.

“We offer Peace of Mind waiver on hire orders as standard – having it means you don’t have to pay the full price it if your outfit comes back with any accidental damage. We always recommend you do take the waiver, so you can relax and focus on enjoying your day.”



“Tell us everything. The more we know about what you’ve planned, the more we can help get everything organised for you.”