Saved the date for March, April or May?

Here’s how to dress your wedding party to suit the season.

People love to get married in spring. Fact. It’s probably got something to do with longer days and the likelihood of a bit of sunshine, but we think it’s also a little do to with the romance and optimism of a new start.

But how do you dress the guys to suit a springtime wedding? Here’s some inspiration (hint: pastel shades definitely make an appearance).



Suiting up for a spring wedding is good fun. You can choose pretty much any shade, and the brighter the better for an all-out spring look. Pastel shades, like light blue and grey come into their own in spring – choose blue if you’re wearing neutral-shade accessories, and grey for those brighter colours like pink, yellow, orange and teal. For a country wedding, tweed always looks the part, and you can wear a pastel blue shirt to liven up the look for spring. Or, choose blue tweed to get the best of both worlds.



One minute it’s raining, the next it’s beaming sunshine – welcome to spring in the UK. On the plus side, you can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be freezing or boiling, so you can dress for the occasion, not the weather (for once).

There’s a general misconception that tweed is really heavy and paler materials are light. Let us put your mind at ease: at Moss Bros., all our suits weigh pretty much the same. It’s because we balance out the lining to make sure you’re comfortable. And as for the myth that light-shaded material is cooler – it’s just for style, so don’t expect navy blue to make you feel hot under the collar.

The moral of the story is, if you want to wear tweed, navy or black, go for it – we can still work in the spring theme using your accessories.




Your choice of accessories is where you can really up the ‘spring’ feel of your outfit. Pastel shades like pistachio green, pale yellow, coral, pink and sky blue are classics that people naturally turn to for spring weddings. They tend to feature in spring-time flowers too, so you should be able to match your buttonhole to your accessories easily.

Of course, your suit and accessory choice might be dictated by what the bridesmaids are wearing. If it’s a rich tone like wine, navy or deep green, you can soften it by wearing two pocket squares, one neutral and one in the theme colour. And if you’ve gone for a green or brown tweed, you can match the earthy tones and still look cheery for spring with a mustard or orange tie.